Virtual Plants

When shopping for interior decorations, people usually want plants. They warm a space up and add life to a room. Most people think of plants in two categories, live or artificial. However, we offer a category all to it's own, The Toepperwein plant.

Toepperwein's plants far surpass artificial plants. They are the closest thing to live foliage and most of our products have at least one natural part to the overall item. We are one of very few companies in the world that have developed a process to preserve live leaves. They will never die, need to be watered or trimmed. Our process has taken over 30 years to develop and makes your artificial plant, virtually real. Every Toepperwein plant is made in Texas!

We also offer a variety of silk and poly products. While these materials are typical in artificial plants, each of Toepperwein's items
are hand constructed with the utmost artistry. All of our items can be modified to specific sizes.

With Toepperwein's of Texas, you're not just buying a plant, you're partnering with a friend who will work to make your room embody the feeling you wish to portray.