Our Process

At Toepperwein's of Texas we offer Preserved, Silk and Poly virtual plants. We also offer containers and components to make each plant a complete decorative item in your space. All Toepperwein's plants are manufactured at our factory in Texas!

Our preserved plants offer the most virtual option, with a leaf that was once alive. Our proprietary process is made with FDA approved chemicals. Each leaf not only has the appearance, but the touch of a live leaf. We use natural products throughout our line to insure the most virtual plant possible.

Our silk and poly products have been hand selected and constructed to guarantee the same level of virtual look as the preserved. Whether you decide to purchase a preserved, silk or poly item, you can rest assured that the same level of artistry and craftsmanship goes into each of your virtual plants.

Our goal is to be botanically correct, in other words, we want to produce the most alive plant in appearance possible, without the worry of it dying, or needing care. Each plant is hand constructed with artistry and balance so that your guests never realize that your plants are indeed not living. Our clientele include high-end hotels, interior decorators and office buildings looking for the kind of class that a Toepperwein's plant can provide.