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AG1   AG1 - Agave Plant
AP12L   AP12 L - 5 1/2' Preserved Areca Palm In Liner
AP14L   AP14L - 6 1/2' Preserved Areca Palm In Liner
AP7L   AP7L - 3' Extra Full Assembled Preserved Areca Palm In Liner
APL   APL-7' Preserved Areca Palm With Stained Bamboo In Liner
BN150L   BN150L - 7 1/2' Banana Tree In Liner
BSQ15   BSQ15 - Giant Silver Queen In 7" Clay
CIDP7L   CIDP7L- 7 1/2' Preserved Canary Island Date Palm In Liner
CP75L   CP75L - 8' Curved Trunk Preserved Coconut Palm In Liner
CPHX   CPHX - 5' Phoenix, Sago, Washingtonia Palm In Liner
CW6L   CW6L - 6' Poly Curly Willow & Gray Grass In Liner
CY35   CY35 - 30" Silk Sago Palm In Clay
DMH50   Dark Maidenhair Fern In Liner Or Clay
DMH10   DMH10 - Dark Maidenhair Fern In Clay
DMH20   DMH20 - Dark Maidenhair Fern In Aged Clay
DMHF   DMHF - Dark Maidenhair Fern
FC200L   FC200L - 7' Full Ficus In Liner
FNCV   FNCV- 6' Ficus Nitida on Curvy Vine Tree in Liner
FST2   FST2 - Mini Feather Spray In Low Aged Bowl
GLA25B   GLA25B - Glacier Ivy In Basket
GLA50   GLA50 - Glacier Ivy In Liner or Clay Pot
GLI12   GLI12 - Grape Leaf Ivy In 4" Clay
GLI25   GLI25 - Grape Leaf Ivy In 6" Clay
GLI50DW   GLI50DW - Grape Leaf Ivy In Dark Basket
GR1   GR1 - Grass In Sexy Jar
GR2   GR2 - Grass in Small Low Italian Pot
HPA12G   HPA12G - Green Phaelanopsis Orchid In Metal Planter
HPA1G   HPA1G - Green Phaelanopsis Orchid In Antique Metal Pedestal Bowl
HSDO*   HSDO*- PRESERVED Hay Sticks in Medium Italian
JCPG1   JCPG1 - Blue/Green Grass In Clay Pot
JCPG2   JCPG2 - Blue/Green Grass In Italian Terra Cotta
KT20L   KT20L - 7 1/2' Preserved Kentia Palm In Liner
LCV6L   LCV6L - 6' Lyche On Curvy Vine In Liner
LELD50   LELD50 - Oak Leaf Ivy In Bread Basket
LF17L   LF17L - 8' Light & Airy Ficus In Liner
LGC25R   LGC25R - Red Geranium Bread Basket (Full Round)
LMF04   LMF04 - Maidenhair Fern In Bread Basket (Full Round)
LMHF   LMHF - Light Maidenhair Fern
LMT1   LMT1 - 18" Lemon Topiary In Black Urn
LMT2   LMT2 - 24" Lemon Topiary In Aged Clay
LNP50   LNP50 - Solid Needlepoint Ivy Bread Basket (Full Round)
LPBW   LPBW - Plastic Boxwood in rectangular pot
LPOD   LPOD - Podocarpus in rectangular claw foot pot
LSQ25   LSQ25 - Silver Queen Bread Basket (One Sided)
LTP7L   LTP7L - 7' Lyche Topiary Tree In Liner
LTT7   LTT7 - 7' Lyche Tier Tree in Liner
LWAS   LWAS - Preserved Shredded Palm In Bread Basket
MAP70DW   MAP70DW - 7' Mini Areca Palm In Dark Basket
MAPX7L   MAPX7L - 7 1/2' Extra Full Mini Areca Palm In Liner
MB21   MB21 - 17 1/2" Shell Pot
MB36*   MB36*-Moss Ball in Black Sexy Urn
MC4W-B   MC4W-B - Micro Ivy Cone Topiary In Black Tollware
MFSX7L   MFSX7L - 7' 3 Tier Mini Ficus in liner
MH20   MH20 - Solid Micro Ivy Hoop In 6" Clay
MI10   MI10 - Micro Ivy In 4" Clay
MI20   MI20 - Micro Ivy In Clay
MIDS*   MIDS*- Micro Ivy In 5" Silver Square Tollware.
MPBG   Mini PRESERVED Buta Grass
MIS7   MIS7 - Micro Ivy in Wall Scone
MLT5*   MLT5*- Mother's-In-Law Tongue in Silver Tollware
MMD3   MMD3 - Double Ball Micro Ivy Topiary In PP125
MNK1   MNK1 - Single Mini Palm Tree With Seeds
MRFS*   MRFS*- Dark Maidenhair in Silver Tollware
MSL1   MSL1 - Mini Split Leaf In Sexy Jar
MSL3   MSL3 - Mini Split Leaf in Clay Bowl
MSY10   MSY10 - Spathiphyllum In 7" Clay
MSY20   MSY20 - Spathiphyllum In 7" Clay
MSY30   MSY30 - Spathiphyllum In Liner Or Clay
MT5   MT5 - 4' Micro Ivy Topiary In Aged Clay
MTF150L   MTF150L - 7' Two Tiered Mini Ficus In Liner
MXPL4 in Liner   MXPL4 - Preserved Mixed Palm
MXPL6   MXPL6 - 6' Preserved Palm Trio Mixed Arrangement In Liner
NAP20L   NAP20L - 7 1/2' Silk Areca Palm In Liner
NAT1   NAT1 - Natural Artichoke Topiary In Fiberglass Urn
NAT2   NAT2 - Natural Artichoke Topiary & John Berry In Italian Clay
NAT3   NAT3 - Natural Artichoke Topiary In Italian Clay
NBF15   NBF15 - Boston Fern In 6" Clay
NBF50   NBF50 - Boston Fern In Liner Or Clay
NCW8L   NCW8L - Preserved Curly Willow & Palm Leaf Arrangement In Liner
NGT1   NGT1 - Grape Leaf Ivy Topiary In Aged Terra Cotta Pot
NMA60L   NMA60L - 6' Silk Ming Aralia
NMA70L   NMA70L - 7' Silk Ming Aralia In Liner
NP10   NP10 - Needlepoint Ivy In 4" Clay
NP20   NP20 - Needlepoint Ivy In 6" Clay
NPS1   NPS1 - Needlepoint Ivy In Wall Sconce
NWF250L   NWF250L - 7' Silk Full Weeping Ficus In Liner
ONG1   ONG1 - Onion Grass In Sexy Jar
ONG10   ONG10 - Onion Grass In 7" Clay
ONG9   ONG9 - Onion Grass In 4" Clay
PAB   PAB - Pappyrus and Bamboo
PB1   PB1 - Plastic boxwood
PK60   PK60 - Pine Grass in Low Italian Bowl
OR17   Purple Phaelanopsis Orchid in Urn
OR99   RED Mini Cymbidium in Urn
ROE29   ROE29 - 3' Preserved Roebelenii in Basket
TL7L   TL7L - 7' Three Tiered Lyche in Liner
OR39   White Phaelanopsis Orchid in Urn
WPSX7L   WPSX7L - 7' 3-Tiered Weeping Ficus in Liner
YUC75XF   YUC75XF - 7 1/2' Agave Tree Extra Full in Liner

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