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POM1   POM1 - 18" Pomegranate Topiary In Sexy Jar
POM2   POM2 - 25" Pomegranate Topiary In Sexy Jar
POM3   POM3 - Natural Pomegranate Topiary in Clay
POMB2*   POMB2* - 2-Head PRESERVED Pom Pom and Bamboo in 094L
POMB3*   POMB3* - 3-Head PRESERVED Pom Pom and Bamboo in 094L
PPD6L   PPD6L - 6' Poly Podocarpus In Liner
PPH5*   PPH5*- PRESERVED Phoenix in 7154L
PPH50*   PPH50*- Pittisporum CUSTOM Hedge
SPBG   PRESERVED Buta Grass in Container
PT36L   PT36L - 6' Three-Tiered Podocarpus In Liner
OR17   Purple Phaelanopsis Orchid in Urn
PW12L   PW12L - 4' Preserved Fan Palm In Liner
PW8   PW8 - Preserved Fan Palm In Pumpkin Basket
PWB   PWB - Preserved Washingtonia Palm & Grass Mix In Liner
R10   R10 - 10" Rattan Basket
R12   R12 - 12" Rattan Basket
R14   R14 - 14" Rattan Basket
R16   R16 - 16" Rattan Basket
R18   R18 - 18" Rattan Basket
OR99   RED Mini Cymbidium in Urn
ROE094S   ROE094S - Preserved Roebelenii
ROE29   ROE29 - 3' Preserved Roebelenii in Basket
RP7L   RP7L - 7 1/2' Raphis Palm In Liner
RX10   RX10 - 10" Beige Crackle Terra Cotta Fishbowl
SAG2   SAG2 - Podocarpus in small clay
SDM100*   SDM100*- 6' Dracaena Marginata in 094S
SDM150L   SDM150L - 7' Dracaena Marginata in Liner (6 heads)
SDM250L   SDM250L - 8' Dracaena Marginata in Liner (extra full- 11 heads)
SOT   Selloum in Container
SFG6   SFG6 - 6' Veined Lyche Tree in Liner
SJM6L   SJM6L - 6' Japanese Maple in Liner
SK12*   SK12* - Mother's Tongue in 7154S
SKQ20   SKQ20 - Silver King Bush In 7" Clay
SKQ50   SKQ50DW - Silver King Bush in Basket
SMA6L   SMA6L - 6' Pagoda Ming Aralia in Liner
SNK1L   SNK1L - Snake Grass In Liner
SNK2   SNK2 - Snake Grass in Terra Cotta Fishbowl
SNK3   SNK3 - Snake Grass in Toleware
SNK4L   SNK4L - Preserved Snake Grass In Liner
SP10   SP10 - Split Palm in Clay
SP15   SP15 - Split Palm in Clay
SP25   SP25 - Split Palm in Clay
SP40   SP40
SP40 with stand   SP40 with stand
SP5   SP5 - Split Palm in Urn
SPG01   SPG01 - Poly Rye Grass In Clay
SPG05   SPG05 - Poly Rye Grass
SLT   Split Leaf in Container
SQ50L   SQ50L - Silver Queen in Liner
ST30L   ST30L - 7 1/2' Stalk Palm in Liner
ST40L   ST40L - 9' Extra Full Stalk Palm in Liner
SUC1   SUC1 - Jade succulent in clay bowl
SUC2   SUC2 - Jade succulent in Small Italian pot
TCP100L   TCP100L - 9' x 7' Twisted Coconut Palm In Liner
TL7L   TL7L - 7' Three Tiered Lyche in Liner
TSK07   TSK07 - 14" Bamboo Red Contemporary Fiberglass Planter
TT11   TT11 - Preserved Boxwood Hedge In Crackle Tray
TT12W-B   TT12W-B - Two-Tiered Preserved Boxwood Hedge In Black Tollware
TT55   TT55 - Preserved Multi-Tier Topiary
TTL11   TTL11 - Light & Airy Preserved Boxwood Hedge In Crackle Tray
TTL7   TTL7 - Two-Tiered Light Preserved Boxwood Topiary In Sexy Jar
TTL8   TTL8 - Light & Airy Preserved Boxwood Topiary In Sexy Jar
TVF6   TVF6 6' Ficus Nitida on Vine in Liner
WAS   WAS - Preserved Shredded Palm In Octagon Bamboo Bowl
WDMH50   WDMH50 - Dark Maidenhair Fern In Hammered Metal Wall Sconce
OR39   White Phaelanopsis Orchid in Urn
WPSX7L   WPSX7L - 7' 3-Tiered Weeping Ficus in Liner
YUC094L   YUC094L - Mixed Agave in Liner
YUC65   YUC65 - 6 1/2' Agave Tree in Liner
YUC75XF   YUC75XF - 7 1/2' Agave Tree Extra Full in Liner
YUCMX   YUCMX - Mixed Agave in Liner

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